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Surviving Audition Season Part 2: Submitting Your Applications

This post is the second part of a four-part series about Surviving Audition Season. Click here for Part 1: Deciding Where to Apply.

Now that you’ve decided which companies you will be applying to this audition season, it’s time to begin the process of sending out all of your applications! This can be a fairly complicated process – every company has a different audition date, fee, and requirements. But with a little forethought you will never miss a deadline, I promise!

First, write down all of the audition information in one place.

If you followed along with the steps in Surviving Audition Season Part 1, you’ve already written down some information about the companies to which you’re applying. Now it’s time to gather the rest of the pertinent info, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • All possible audition dates/locations (noting your preferred options)

  • Application/Prescreening Requirements

  • Live Audition Rep Requirements

  • Application Due Date and Fee

  • Any other information you find notable about the audition

Use our Potential Audition Info Worksheet to make this step a breeze, or make your own!

Next, enter EVERY DUE DATE into your calendar.

This step keeps those application due dates from sneaking up on you. Write the due date of every application in a planner or calendar that you check every day. You can use a weekly planner or monthly paper calendar, or an electronic calendar like Google Calendar or iCal. Whatever you use, make sure it’s something you check regularly so you can keep tabs on what applications are due, and when. This can also help you plan enough time to make any necessary audition recordings and give your references enough time to write letters for you.

Don’t keep a planner? It’s time to start! Trust me, it will make your life so. much. easier.

Finally, keep track of your progress.

Sending off the application is just step one of what is hopefully a multi-step audition process. Ideally your application will be followed by an invitation for a live audition, completion of that audition, sending of a thank-you message or two, and finding out the audition results. That’s a lot of steps. I used to obsess about this, not remembering if I had heard back about a live audition from Company A or gotten my audition results from Company B. But now I keep a list of all of the applications I send, and make notes about where I am in the process with each one. Keeping all of that info in one place is a nice way to know at a glance how your audition season is progressing.

If you don’t want to make your own app tracker, you can get one from The Organized Singer for FREE! And as a bonus, the included Audition Repertoire Worksheet can help you figure out what repertoire you need to prepare for this year’s auditions.

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