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Hey, rockstar vocalizers, drama kings, and all-around creative chaos-makers!


As singers, we're not just hitting those high notes; we're also juggling more roles than a one-person theater troupe. Picture this: manager hat, check; publicist hat, check; personal assistant hat (with a side of comedic timing), double-check! It's not just about perfecting our art; we're also on a mission to keep our minds and bodies in harmony. In the midst of this daily whirlwind, it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack – or, in our case, the perfect harmony in a cacophony of tasks.


Let's turn this organized chaos into a symphony of success – jazz hands optional!

The Organized Singer



"The Organized Singer" was created by Rachael Coleman. As an active working singer, she ensures that she keeps all of her commitments and is well-prepared for her jobs by staying organized. Over the years, she has developed several types of charts, spreadsheets, and log books to stay on top of her singing business. We express enduring gratitude for Rachel's unwavering commitment to the arts, and we extend our heartfelt wishes for her success as she ventures into new professional opportunities.

If you're curious about her life as a singer, you can learn more about that HERE!


Rght now you can get two pages of the Organized Singer Audition Planner, absolutely free!

You will receive two planner sheets:

Use the Application Status Tracker to keep track of your progress through audition season, and the Audition Repertoire Worksheet to help you plan out exactly what rep you need to prepare for all of your auditions.

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Free Calendar Page


Hey there, life navigator! Ever feel like your life needs a personal GPS? Fear not, because I'm here to help you find the right route. Drop me a line, spill the beans on the parts of your life that need a gentle push to "get it together." I'm all ears and a sprinkle of seriousness – let's turn your chaos into a well-choreographed dance. Your secret organizational superhero awaits! So, spill it, and let's make your life the blockbuster hit it deserves to be.

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